Bayer Multistix Urine Reagent Test Strips:  The #1 “dip and read” urine test strip sold in the United States. Bayer's Multistix Urine Test Strip tests for markers for the early stages of disease conditions including diabetes, kidney disease, liver function and urinary track infections.


- The urine test strips may be read visually, requiring no additional laboratory equipment
  for testing, however, they can be used with the Clinitek Status Analyzer. The Status
  Analyzer removes subjectivity by correctly identifying positives.

- For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

- Store at temperatures between 15-30C (59-86F) and out of direct sunlight.

- The reagent urine test strips must be kept in the bottle with the cap tightly closed to
   maintain reagent reactivity. Do not remove desiccant from bottle.

- CPT code is 81003QW

          Please note, Bayer was bought out by Siemens, and the label on the bottle will soon reflect this.

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Target User:
Primary Care Practitioners, Urologists, Pediatricians, Ob/Gyn, Hospitals, Clinics

Common CPT Codes:
81000, 81001, 81002, 81003

Note: When billing to Medicare, QW modifier required along with the CPT code.

CLIA waived when run on a CLINITEK Status or Advantus Urine Analyzers or when read visually
The brand doctors know and trust.
The BTNX Urinalysis product Urinalysis Reagent Strips provide tests for the following: Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite and Leukocytes.

Urinalysis strips are useful in the preliminary screening for diabetes, liver diseases, haemolytic diseases, urogenital, and kidney disorders.  Upon immersing the test strip in the specimen, comparison between the reagent areas on the strip and their corresponding color on the container can be made.
The CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer automatically checks each urine test strip for humidity exposure, common sample interferences and strip identification for Siemens urine test strips. Together, these provide improved clinical information. Urinalysis has become an indispensable tool in healthcare. Provides important markers to detect early stages of many disease states, such as diabetes, kidney disease and urinary tract infections. Enhances disease monitoring and patient management. Semi-quantitative results have proven to be cost-effective and virtually immediate. In today s busy physician's office environment, interruptions are frequent and can contribute to timing errors and variability in results when urinalysis strips are read visually. Studies have shown that when urinalysis is performed with an instrument, sensitivity is increased and positives are correctly identified and reported.


* Enhances confidence in clinical decisions with new automated checks (Auto-Checks) performed on every test

* Ensures consistent results interpretation with automatic timing and reading of every urine specimen

* Ready for connectivity to data management solutions (DMS), via a simple upgrade kit

* Offers a comprehensive point-of-care urinalysis menu for routine testing, detection of early kidney disease and hCG pregnancy testing

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Other Urine Test Strips
The Pro Advantage Urine Reagent Test Strips allows healthcare professionals to detect signs of infection, urinary tract damage, kidney and liver disease, fat breakdown, diabetes, and more in about a minute. Results are obtained by direct comparison of the test strip with the color blocks printed on the bottle label or with use on the Pro Advantage Urine Strip Analyzer.

Arkray Diascreen Reagent Test Strips for Urinalysis are intended for use as an in vitro diagnostic aid using urine specimens. Provides qualitative and semi-quantitative tests by visual comparison of the reacted reagent to the color chart printed on the bottle label. All tests are read at 60 or 120 seconds.

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